Recent News and Recordings:

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I have created a horn quarter-tone
fingering chart: it is free and you can download+print it here:

Recent News

"Overture for an Unsteady World" was commissioned and premiered virtually by EChO

"Cyclops" was named a winner of the Call for Works by the Institute for Microtonal Music and was performed by Daniel Costello at MicroFest Prague

"Passacaglia for Toy Piano" was commissioned and premiered
by pianist Xavier Suarez

"Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble" was recieved favorably by all four reviews of Andrew Stetson's "Rise Above":

New or Expanded Recordings

Symphony#3 for Wind Ensemble (35')

Passacaglia for Toy Piano (1'30)

Etudes for Wind Ensemble (13')

Music to Drift Away With (16')

Unfurl (6')

The Florentainer (3'30)

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