Huseyni Rondo
for Horn and optional Percussion
(dumbek/darbuka, dhol, or any type of goblet drum)

"Huseyni Rondo" blends a common component of Middle Eastern musical structure (huseyni makam) with a common component of European musical form (5 part rondo).

The rhythmic pattern used throughout is the "curcena", which is 3+2+2+3/8. It was particularly common in the areas of Western Armenia (present-day Turkey) where my great grandparents were born. The dumbek part can also be played by dhol. It's not as ideal, but any goblet drum (such as djembe) could also be used in a pinch. This is also designed to be played unaccompanied (with a small modification that is notated in the horn part).

The quarter-tone fingerings are also notated in the horn part, though for additional information on other possible quarter-tone fingerings, I have a free quarter-tone fingering chart available. The quarter tones do not have to be played exactly in tune - and probably shouldn't always be anyway. Many of the performers I have listened to will sometimes raise them slightly when the note ascends or lower them slightly when it descends: particularly on the "second scale degree" (G quarter-flat) at the end of phrases and especially toward the end of an entire composition.

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Huseyni Rondo
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