Six Short Scenes
for Wind Band (Grade 1)

1) Two Contrasts
2) Dignified Waltz
3) Joyful March
4) Rustic Dance
5) Mournful Song
6) Russian Dance

live performance by the FMC Orchestra

Download PDF of score

"Six Short Scenes” consists of a series of short movements: it can be performed in its entirety or movements can be
mixed and matched. The movements vary in difficulty from grade 0.5 to grade 1.5.

"Two Contrasts" is the most technically simple movement: it emphasizes fundamentals such as counting repeated figures
and matching pitch and articulation. It centers dynamic variances and stylistic variances in a very stark and understandable way.

"Dignified Waltz" is a good beginning 3/4 piece with an accompaniment pattern providing a balance of repetition and challenge.

"Joyful March" is an excellent introduction to march form, and it introduces a repeated syncopated rhythm.

"Rustic Dance" utilizes a less straightforward harmonic language and several 3-measure phrases.
These challenges are balanced by relatively minimal technical demands.

"Mournful Song" provides a simple introduction to aleatoric music. It also provides an opportunity to teach shaping of phrases.

"Russian Dance" contains a lot of unison rhythm and provides an opportunity for the ensemble to balance, blend, and create long phrases.



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