New Music for Horn

From 2016-2018 I composed over an hour of music for horn.
I recorded several of these pieces (along with pianist Charlie Magnone and hornist Zachary Morgan).

Hard copies of all pieces (except "Are They Ill-Tempered?") are available as well, though PDFs are recommended and are much cheaper.
Prices for hard copies include shipping to the continental United States.  If you are outside the continental US, please order PDFs.

Buy PDFs of all recent horn music:

Six Miniatures / 20 Advanced Two-Page Horn Duets / Carnival of Venice
Four Romantic Songs / Catfish Louie / Are They Ill-Tempered?
PDFs of every piece (package deal)

Six Miniatures for Horn and Piano

A series of short concert openers, closers, and light/virtuosic pieces

Buy "Six Miniatures"
Six Miniatures for Horn and Piano

20 Advanced Two-Page Horn Duets

A set of challenging duets with no page turns required  
Composed in various contemporary styles, they take the traditions and quirks of the horn into account.

Buy "20 Advanced Two-Page Horn Duets"
Horn Duets

The Carnival of Venice

A horn-specific version of the traditional cornet solo, this challenging piece includes virtuosic technical passages,
expressive playing, and all kinds of tricks and extended techniques.

Buy "The Carnival of Venice"
The Carnival of Venice

Four Romantic Songs

This lyrical set of songs for horn and piano is based on poetry by William Butler Yeats.
The recording below is of the cello version:

Buy "Four Romantic Songs"
Four Romantic Songs for Horn and Piano

Catfish Louie

A light-hearted piece for virtuosic low-horn players

Buy "Catfish Louie"
Catfish Louie for Horn and Piano

Are They Ill-Tempered?

An unaccompanied horn miniature featuring alternate fingerings, multiphonics, and a lot of rips

Buy "Are They Ill-Tempered?"

To find out more about/purchase my new horn multiphonics
method book, click this link

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