Composition Lessons:

I anticipate having a few openings for online lessons (via Zoom or WebEx) this coming school year.

contact me at if you are interested

My base rate is $50 per hour, but for K-12 students I will match your local school district's rate
Lessons can be either 30 or 60 minutes

My teaching style:
I have strong opinions about music and about what I personally prefer to hear, and I will have several suggestions and topics to talk about for almost any composition. However, first and foremost, your music belongs to you, and my aim will never be to get you to write like me: my goal is to have you develop as large of a palette of compositional skills as possible so that you become the best person in the world at writing exactly what you want to hear.

Besides building the traditional fundamentals such as orchestration and form, I think it is important to understand how to shape each of the elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm,
development, pacing, dynamics, timbres, composite rhythm, harmonic rhythm, texture etc.) and to learn how to build creativity, imagination, and audiation skills.

Things to prepare for each composition lesson:
Bring any music that you are currently working on or have recently completed:
(at least an hour in advance, send me a PDF of the score and an audio file)

Have a way to quickly write things down when necessary (alternatively, you can record our lessons)

Online masterclasses are also available

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