What Did I Miss?
for Saxophone Quartet (SATB)

When Jean-Baptiste Singelée wrote “Premier Quatour” in 1857, it was the first composition for saxophone quartet. 
Unfortunately, this means there were composers during several eras of classical music that never had the opportunity
to write for this now ubiquitous instrumentation!  How might Bach or Mozart write for sax quartet if they came back to life today? 
“What Did I Miss?” looks into this possibility with a series of 4 movements, each reflecting
a particular era, style, or composer that was unable to write for what is now a standard ensemble!

Movement 1 is a chorale which reflects the Baroque Era.

Movement 2 is a theme and variations which reflects the Classical Era.

Movement 3 is a tone poem which reflects the Romantic Era.

Movement 4 is a finale which blends the mazurka, the polonaise, and the early to mid-19th century arrival of virtuosity,
culminating with snippets of the piece that brought about of the glorious ensemble you and I know well today.


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