Suite for Brass Octet

*2nd Place, 2011 Humboldt Brass Composition Competition*

I. Intrada
II. Bicurious
III. Soliloquy
IV. Scherzo Marziale
V. Chant and Evolution
VI. Finale

"Suite for Brass Octet" is composed of 6 short movements:
The first 3 of these are transcriptions or expansions of other brass pieces I’ve written.
Intrada is a quartal introduction in a miniaturized ABCBA form. If the second movement isn’t bitonal,
it’s at least Bicurious. Movement 3 is a lyrical Soliloquy for solo tuba. The Scherzo Marziale is an amalgamation
of the aforementioned styles: it quotes the trio of my band piece “Marche Slava”, which itself includes a quote
of “Stars and Stripes Forever”. Chant and Evolution explores the reshaping of an original “Gregorian Chant” melody.
The Finale is bold and fast-paced and brings back themes from the other movements.


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