Unperformed or Unrecorded Compositions:

Several of my compositions have yet to receive a performance or a high quality recording:
Email me if you are interested in premiering one or if you would like more information!!


Blue Sparrow (Alto Saxophone and Piano) (2012, 3')
a companion piece to "Black Sparrow": jazzy, technically challenging, with a short improvisatory section at the end.
download PDF of the Alto Sax Part

Reverie (Solo Piano) (2012, 4'30)
a flowing solo full of delicate beauty: it is of moderate technical difficulty, but it has quite a bit of rhythmic complexity.
"Reverie" was selected as a winner in a call for scores by World Oceans.
download PDF of "Reverie"

Sonatina for Violin and Piano (2011, 7'30)
a musically and technically challenging solo consisting of 3 short movements:
"Sonatina for Violin and Piano" recieved honorable mention in the 2014 Dallas Symphony Orchestra/
Voices of Change Young Texas Composer competition.
download PDF of the Violin Part

Texas Nocturne (Solo Piano) (2011, 1'30)
a short piano solo that falls somewhere between silly and intimate,
"Texas Nocturne" was composed during my first night in Texas.
download PDF of "Texas Nocturne"

Viola Sonata (2011, 16')
a substantial 3-movement sonata: technically challenging but full of idiomatic writing.
This sonata consists of an aggressive first movement, a spacious second movement, and a "tipsy" scherzo-like third movement.
download PDF of Viola Part


Suite for Tuba, Trumpet, and Piano (2014, 12')
a 5-movement suite with contrasting styles: extended techniques and aleatoric writing are included.
download PDF of "Suite for Tuba, Trumpet, and Piano"

Trombone Sextet (2010, 8')
a 5-movement suite with contrasting styles, for 4 trombones and 2 bass trombones.
download PDF of "Trombone Sextet"

Concertpiece for Brass Octet (2009, 14')
a 3-movement octet (3 tpt, hn, 2 tbn, euph, tba) with idiomatic brass writing.  Strong endurance is required, as there is minimal rest.
"Concertpiece for Brass Octet" was selected as the 2nd place winner in the 2010 Humboldt Brass Chamber Workshop competition.
download PDF of "Concertpiece for Brass Octet"

Be the Change (Low String Quartet) (2008, 10')
full of beauty and emotion, "Be the Change" was commissioned for and performed at the 2008 Opus Prize Award Ceremony in Benaroya Hall.
download PDF of "Be the Change"

Trio for Cello, Flute, and Piano (2007, 8')
a set of 3 short movements in contrasting styles.  The final movement also became the final movement of the Suite for Tuba, Trumpet, and Piano.
download PDF of "Trio for Cello, Flute, and Piano"

Night Falls (String Octet) (2006, 6')
a dramatic and rhapsodic composition, "Night Falls" was toured around the US in 2007-2008 by the Young Eight String Octet but was never recorded.
download PDF of "Night Falls"

African Rhapsody (String Octet) (2006, 5'30)
a progression of blues, jazz, and crossrhythm-laden melodies, with dramatic solos and aggressive ensemble playing:
"African Rhapsody" was selected as one of two winners of the 2006 Young Eight String Octet Composition Contest and
was performed several times across the country, but was never recorded.
download PDF of "African Rhapsody"


The Chariot (Mezzo Soprano, Vln, Vla or Vcl, Pno) (2010, 5')
a tense, emotional, and heartbreaking setting of Dickinson's famous "Although I Could Not Stop for Death" poem.
download PDF of "The Chariot"

Gloria (8 part choir) (2010, 2'30)
a wild, spacious, dramatic, and challenging setting of "Gloria".
download PDF of "Gloria"

Dangerous Eleisons (8 part choir) (2009, 4')
a contemplative contemporary setting of the Kyrie which progresses from chant to a thick harmonic texture.
download PDF of "Dangerous Eleisons"

Jazz Band

Take Fiveish (2010, 4')

a big band chart that's not quite in 5/4.
download PDF of "Take Fiveish"


Neoclassical Suite (for String Orchestra) (2009, 8')
a suite in a highly tonal neoclassical style that is suitable for most high school orchestras
download PDF of "Neoclassical Suite"