I Met Senator Levin Today
for Solo Piano

I) There was a short pompous procession of ROTC members holding flags and swords
II) The speech was stultifyingly dull
III) The guy could answer questions though
IV) Afterwards, he told me that the amount of money needed to win a
senatorial race was indeed a problem, and that they would probably have to
create a new amendment to change campaign finance laws in order for the
population to accurately be represented, which unfortunately would require
tampering with the 1st amendment, which was dangerous.  This gave me some level of
confidence in him, but made me feel negatively about our political system in general.

In late 2009, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan made a visit to Central Michigan University.  I attended, and the experience inspired me to write a piece later
that night.  This composition takes inspiration from Peter Schickele, Samuel Barber, and (obviously) Senator Carl Levin!


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