Works for Flex Band / Mixed Chamber Ensemble:

Flex Band

Six Short Scenes for Flex Band (8'30, Grade 1-2)
6 Parts:
Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Alto Sax
Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Alto Sax/Trumpet
Clarinet/Bassoon/Alto Sax/Tenor Sax/Trumpet/Horn/Trombone/Baritone
Bassoon/Bass Clarinet/Bari Sax/Trombone/Baritone/Tuba
Unpitched Percussion (Bass Drum + Wind Chimes)
Pitched Percussion (ideally Vibraphone)

Download PDF of Score


Hymn for Armenia (5'30, Grade 4)
8-9 Parts:
Clarinet/Oboe/Alto Sax
Trumpet/Alto Sax/Clarinet
Trumpet/Alto Sax/Clarinet
Horn/Tenor Sax/Trombone/Bassoon
Euphonium (BC or TC)/Horn/Trombone/Bassoon
Tuba/Euphonium(BC or TC)/Bass Clarinet/Bassoon/Bari Sax
opt Percussion (Vibraphone)

Download PDF of Score


First Suite for Chamber Winds (8', Grade 5)
7 Parts:
Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Soprano Sax
Clarinet/Alto Sax/Soprano Sax/Trumpet
Bassoon/Bass Clarinet/Bari Sax/Euphonium
Trumpet/Alto Sax/Clarinet/Oboe
Horn/Euphonium/Bassoon/Tenor Sax
Tuba/Trombone/Bass Clarinet/Bassoon
Percussion (Vibraphone and Suspended Cymbal)

Download PDF of Score


Sarabande and Retaliation (7', Grade 6)
*Scores and parts will be emailed/shipped out soon*
8 Parts:
Flute/Clarinet/Soprano Sax
Clarinet/Alto Sax/Trumpet
Tenor Sax/Clarinet/Horn
Trumpet/Alto Sax
Horn/Euphonium/Tenor Sax
Trombone/Euphonium/Bari Sax/Bassoon
Tuba/Bass Clarinet/Bassoon


Additional Works for 4-9 Mixed Instruments

Suite for Brass Octet (Grade 5, 11')

To Soar (Brass Quintet) (Grade 5, 6')

To Lift (Brass Quintet) (Grade 5, 6')

To Dive (Brass Quintet) (Grade 5, 6'30)

To Throw (Brass Quintet) (Grade 5, 6'30)

Suite for Brass Nonet (Grade 5, 9')

Emerge (Fl/Cl/Vib/Vln/Vcl) (Grade 6, 9')

And A Hero Was Born (Woodwind Quintet) (Grade 6, 9')

Suite for Brass Quintet Combo (Brass Quintet+Drum Set+Elec. Guitar+Elec. Bass)(Grade 6, 14')

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